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Tickets on sale now!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! p.s. This will sell out!

Become the Next Mr. Humboldt! or Nominate Someone!

🌲 WHO SHOULD BE MR. HUMBOLDT 2020? 🌲 The time has come to nominate contestants for the always-ridiculous Mr. Humboldt Pageant, scheduled to be held at the Arcata Theatre Lounge on Feb. 29, 2020. Are you (or do you know) someone who'd hilariously represent our weird-ass li'l county? Well, then click this link for more details on how to apply. You can also tag someone you think would be good in the comments below and we just might pester them into running. Remember, this is a charity event so your willingness to act a fool on stage before your neighbors is actually FOR A GOOD CAUSE. So suck it up! OK! Let's do this! Be brave! Be dumb! Hooray! Apply Here!    or Nominate a friend here!